In Europe until the end of the 19th century, the vine was an innocent, ungrafted plant, multiplied by cutting and requiring no phytosanitary treatments. Then, parasites arrived from the United States and totally destroyed the harvests and the vines. Ever since, our vines are grafted to resist phylloxera and treated to defend themselves against external attacks.

The European vine has no natural defences, but the American and Asian vines have this capacity because they evolved alongside destructive mushrooms. To resist disease another approach is possible, that of reproduction between European vines and other vines.

It had been abandoned because the very first generations had lost the original taste, making the wines extremely bland. In fact it was necessary to tirelessly continue cross-breeding them to obtain varieties that conserved the resistance and the oenological qualities of the vines of the past.


Les résistants

So, let us present a new battle: ours and yours, that of natural defences rather than the use of phytosanitary products !

Let us present the varietals of Les Résistants: Cabernet Cortis and Souvignier Gris.


Les Résistants is like going back to our roots. It is like the joy of meeting up with a long-lost friend who we are delighted to see again. They have changed but their character remains the same. 

The Souvignier Gris expresses itself in the nose with exotic fruits and citrus notes. It is ample and fresh on the palate. It is an expressive and elegant wine with a lovely acidity, recalling its northern origins, and a finish on notes of candied orange and grapefruit.   The Souvignier Gris has found an ideal terroir in Languedoc with a real adaptation to the climatic conditions of the South of France.

The Cabernet Cortis reveals itself in a beautiful intense colour and a fresh spirit with notes of cherry and fresh red berries underpinned by touches of spice similar to Southern Pinot. 

We are so pleased to meet up with this old acquaintance whose style and elegance we remember so well.


It’s coming !

Great marks are coming

Tasting in progress