Les Mavericks raisins
Before becoming associated with the famous hot-headed fighter pilot who gets pulses racing, the term “Maverick” takes us back some decades earlier to the heart of the United States with its vast expanses and dashing cowboys. Samuel Augustus Maverick was an anti-conformist who refused to hot brand his livestock, thereby opening the way to new farming methods more in keeping with his beliefs (and so ours today!).
We also wanted to avoid “branding” our wines and to take them on a new path. Les Mavericks is us, but above all you! You who refuse to let yourself be led by convention. You who have a thirst… for discovery, new sensations and creations, and freedom!
Les Mavericks invite you to discover wines unlike anything you have ever tasted before! A big promise that we intend to honour. Les Mavericks choose French appellations… or not… Les Mavericks make wine… or not… Les Mavericks work with traditional varietals…or not
Our wish is to surprise you, and the only demand we set ourselves is to create something good. That is why we carefully choose our partner winegrowers and suppliers. Les Mavericks go beyond a company name. Les Mavericks is the world (of wine) that is changing, and that feels good.


oh la vache
Ophélie Mavericks

Ideas and energy

Nicolas Mavericks

Expertise in the vineyard

All those who have committed to the project
“Les Mavericks, unexpected wines” are imbued this need for change.

The desire to take part in this global winemaking movement towards a kinder economy that listens to those who produce: the winegrowers, and those who appreciate: you.

The desire to do things well, the desire to make good wine.



Respect for our living heritage is a prerequisite, an evidence. Our wines come from generous and protected nature with a diversity of soils and climates. We work with winegrowing partners who share the same values that go even deeper than organic methods and labels.


Fair pay for all, long-term partnerships to allow durable activities, that too is sustainable development, for nature and for people. That too is what Les Mavericks is all about: fair trade for all the players in the winemaking and winegrowing value chain.


Wine whose origin and production methods are perfectly mastered, winegrowing partners committed alongside us, a coherent ecosystem. All this is clearly also a bonus for you, the consumers, thanks to healthy products with flavour and character.


Les Résistants

Les Résistants is a committed act towards the transformation of winemaking, attentive to the carbon footprint, an eco-citizen action, and a real change in mentalities on how to manage the vineyard and work the varietals.

Les résistants
Feeling Good

Feeling Good

It is simple, basic, like a wine that does us good. So, the packaging is deliberately pared down, to echo this principle. No need to overdo it, this wine (oops) this alcohol-free wine speaks for itself.


We feel good with this drink that looks like wine, is the colour of wine, tastes like wine, but isn’t wine. Elémentaire is 0% alcohol but 100% pleasure.


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